Morgrave University Needs You!

The MYSTERIES of the DHAKAANI EMPIRE! The TREASURES of FORBIDDEN XEN’DRIK! Even the SECRETS of the LAST WAR! ALL PEOPLES are ENRICHED by a GREATER UNDERSTANDING of HISTORY, but seeking it is not without dangers. The PROFESSIONAL FACULTY of MORGRAVE UNIVERSITY is BEST EQUIPPED for meeting these challenges, but MORE HELP is NEEDED. If YOU want to associate with KHORVAIRE’S FINEST INSTITUTION of LEARNING. If YOU have a LOVE of KNOWLEDGE and ADVENTURE. If YOU do not flinch at DANGER. MORGRAVE UNIVERSITY wants to hear from YOU. Entry-level Positions are STILL AVAILABLE. Submit your application! TODAY.

(Davi, if you’re going to have your students do the recruitment notices, please be more discriminating. I’m not sure we’d want anyone who would be attracted by this sensationalism – Larrian ir’Morgrave)

Eberron: Goblins Never Tell

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