Eberron: Goblins Never Tell

Episode 1: Silver Killa'

28 Zarantyr 998 YK

Pit Augur Erdvar was finishing his lecture on ‘excavation safety’ which was attended by new Associate Scholar Zane ir’Skillface. At the same time, Jesmet Quickfeather and Copperclaw had finished serving as a visual aid in Professor Reddick’s zoology class. Then Provost Dannad Mourain fled his office, pursued by a grim-faced Silver Flame crusader armed with a greatsword. Mourain fled into Erdvar’s classroom, only to be savagely cut down. The Flamite then tried to escape, but was pursued and brought down by Jesmet, Zane, and Erdvar’s earth spirit. Jesmet cut off the crusader’s ear because he’s a sick little monkey. Mourain was saved by Erdvar’s medical knowledge and ready supply of herbs, but he decided to keep that a secret so that the Flamish would stop pursuing Mourain. He enlisted the Dean in this scheme and the ‘body’ was hidden lower down in the tower. Jesmet questioned the prisoner, who was named Gregor Rothschild, and found him a bit confused. He’d only gone to deliver a formal protest, but found himself consumed with righteous indignation and the knowledge that the heretic had to die. But now that it was over, he wasn’t sure he’d done the right thing. He went willingly with the Menthis Watch into custody.


Greg’s original post follows:

Originally posted by Gilo on the wizards forums:

To be sung to the melody of “Chocolate Rain”—

“Silver Flame

More than marchin’ more than passing law

Silver Flame

Remake how we got to where we are

Silver Flame

Some stay dry and others feel the pain

Silver Flame…”

After doing some thinking about our plot so far, I came up with the following two possibilities for Erdvar/Jesmet/Zane to get involved with Prof. Mourrain’s story again:

1) Like I mentioned last night—Mourrain needs guards he knows he can trust.

2) Certain individuals (possibly of ill intent) are not convinced by the Dean and the Guards’ announcements of Mourrain’s death. They want to see the body, hear from eye-witnesses, see additional evidence, etc… so they (or their minions?) hunt down the PCs for questioning.

Just brainstorming…good stuff last night and see you next week.


Episode 1: Silver Killa'

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