Eberron: Goblins Never Tell

Episode 3 - A Placeholder Title
June 16, 2009
3 Olarune 998YK

The party meets with the bursar, who passes on two things from the Dean. A 60gp reward for capturing the Thranish intruder and assurances that they will not need to testify in the resulting murder trial. Furthermore, a gnome has offered to sell the University information about a clandestine excavation in the old goblinoid city Sharn was built on top of. Rather than pay him, they’d rather employ the party to track it down. Since none of the party speaks Goblin, they were introduced to Professor Danid Vieran who brought his warforged assistant, Elf Beastro Grande.

The party split up, with Zane and Jesmet hitting the bars again, while Erdvar, the Professor, and Elf went below the city to the Ashblack district. Jesmet was surprisingly well-behaved. Erdvar’s chief tactic seemed to be to test for structural integrity wherever he went. Neither had any success.

4 Olarune 998YK

The party sticks together this day, minus the Professor. They all go to the other industrial district below Sharn, Blackbones. Nothing is found relating to the mission, but Elf visits the warforged community center, The Red Hammer. Zane notices that they’re being followed by a halfling, but is unable to catch him. He also checks in at the inn where he looks for messages as Zane Black and finds that someone has been asking about him.

5 Oralune 998YK

The only deep part of the city left to investigate is Khyber’s Gate, but Professor Vieran warns that it’s too dangerous, and they’re better off looking for leads in Malleon’s Gate instead.

On the way down the elevator, the party meets a goblin girl who may nor many not have been fleeing from the person yelling “Stop that goblin!” She was just hurrying to catch the elevator for perfectly innocent reasons don’t you know how long it takes until the next one comes along? The employ her as a guide.

They investigate by looking to hire a digging crew, but find nothing about any crews currently employed, save that one crew has gone missing. They again spot a halfling following them, but when he tries to duck away, he bumps into a bugbear who doesn’t take it well. Zane quickly steps in and buys the halfling, then whisks him away to a tavern with a private room for questioning. The halfling quickly confesses to following them at the behest of Vorj Slystep but doesn’t know why. They pay Gemma to keep him occupied for a few days and he’s never heard from again.

Following up on the missing goblin crew, they’re told to ask Jergash, Commander of the Ja’khor (Blackbloods). They find him in the Bloodstone Inn. Zane smartly brings him his favorite booze, but is still told to invite up his friends so that they can prove that they’re strong enough to make proper use of the information. The Blackbloods pick up cudgels and approach…

I should have let you investigate the shaft near the Cannith facility, battle some monster, recover the warforged and convince yourselves that this wasn’t what you were looking for.

I like a big bar fight, so I’d prepared the encounter with the hobgoblins as the way to find the information you needed. I don’t like railroading, though, so I let you handle the investigation with only a couple of prods along the way. But I’m wondering if I was too subtle. Did you like playing out the investigation, or would you have rather had a montage of Sharn and then end up at the bar? I would not have done it differently in this instance because I thought important to have the role-play time to let Greg Minor establish his character, and I wanted to introduce Elf to other warforged to give his character a path towards more independence.

Episode 2: A Tour of Sharn's Bars
1 Oralune 998YK

The day after the ‘murder’ at Morgrave University, it was the headline story in the Sharn Inquisitive, and the talk of Menthis Tower. The group met in the evening and realized that the plan to keep the provost’s survival a secret would fall apart once Gregor Rothschild went on trial for murder. Jesmet panicked and wanted to flee the city, but cooler hands and lean purses prevailed.

2 Oralune 998YK

The next day, Zane got to dine with the Aundarian ambassador, who had heard about the murder and pointed out that what’s bad for Thrane is good for Aundair. At the University, many students were missing from Erdvar’s lecture because they’d gone to protest outside Silver Flame churches. He cut his lecture short and went to join them. Jesmet was questioned by an attractive gnome named Cheswene Snokwith who was very impressed with the story of how he single-handedly defeated the evil Flamish murderer. In fact, Jesmet enjoyed telling the story so much he repeated it to anyone who would listen for the next few hours. The same gnome approached Erdvar later about getting a spot in his class. Hearing about this later made Jesmet paranoid, so we went to find out if Zane had also been contacted by her. He had not, but the two of them noticed that their conversation in the halls of Zane’s building was being spied on. Copperclaw captured the spy and he confessed that he’d been hired by a mysterious figure in The Stores in Lower Dura.

The group went down there to investigate. Zane was able to learn that someone from Fallen was trying to hire people to run ‘errands’ in the upper levels and Jesmet got into a brawl with a local halfling who didn’t like his barbarian cousins. After a couple more bars were visited, they found an ambush waiting for them outside. Boldly, they sprung it, and had a tough fight with an elusive halfling street gang, along with a local human tough. Most of the halflings were subdued, the leader got away, and the human surrendered, only to die of mysterious causes before he could be questioned. The halflings said they’d been hired by the human to capture Erdvar and Jesmet. The human had no identity papers, but he did have a strange, crude tattoo…

But there was no time to investigate further, as the party has a morning meeting with the Bursar. Perhaps funding for their expedition has finally come through!

I changed the Dinner with the Dean to the Breakfast with the Bursar because the trip to the streets meant that I didn’t have time to do what I planned with the Dean. So I’m going to save it for later, and launch into the adventure I planned for the full group.

As you may have noticed, I like using Minions. In that fight, you had to be badly outnumbered for the halflings to think they had a chance of winning, but you were much tougher than they expected. I also like staggered fights, where the opposition isn’t all there at the beginning. It fits the scenario, and lets the opposition be greater without overwhelming you. I did, however, underestimate the power of Minions combined with Second Chance, especially when you had neither a controller nor a defender.

Episode 1: Silver Killa'
28 Zarantyr 998 YK

Pit Augur Erdvar was finishing his lecture on ‘excavation safety’ which was attended by new Associate Scholar Zane ir’Skillface. At the same time, Jesmet Quickfeather and Copperclaw had finished serving as a visual aid in Professor Reddick’s zoology class. Then Provost Dannad Mourain fled his office, pursued by a grim-faced Silver Flame crusader armed with a greatsword. Mourain fled into Erdvar’s classroom, only to be savagely cut down. The Flamite then tried to escape, but was pursued and brought down by Jesmet, Zane, and Erdvar’s earth spirit. Jesmet cut off the crusader’s ear because he’s a sick little monkey. Mourain was saved by Erdvar’s medical knowledge and ready supply of herbs, but he decided to keep that a secret so that the Flamish would stop pursuing Mourain. He enlisted the Dean in this scheme and the ‘body’ was hidden lower down in the tower. Jesmet questioned the prisoner, who was named Gregor Rothschild, and found him a bit confused. He’d only gone to deliver a formal protest, but found himself consumed with righteous indignation and the knowledge that the heretic had to die. But now that it was over, he wasn’t sure he’d done the right thing. He went willingly with the Menthis Watch into custody.

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