Lower Menthis Plateau

Center Bridge (average residential), p. 75

Center Bridge tries to be a quiet residential district, but with Torchfire and Firelight on one side and Downstairs on the other it can’t help but smolder with seedy activity. Its residents include a number of people associated with Morgrave University, since it is located directly below the University District and it offers much cheaper housing than can be found in the ward above. In fact, groups of students share inexpensive housing here, so close to the illicit pleasures of Lower Menthis, and are responsible for much of the rowdiness that sometimes distrubs the peace of Center Bridge.

Downstairs (tavern), p. 75

Situated on the western end of the plateau, separated from Torchfire and Firelight by the residential neighborhood of Center Bridge, Downstairs is nevertheless a rowdy district. Most of its businesses are taverns rather than fine restaurants (though there are exceptions), and drunken revels are the norm every night. Carousers finished with an evening at the theater in Torchfire or even in the upper wards, or fresh from different kinds of activities in Firelight, come Downstairs to cap off the night.

Points of Interest: Diamond Theater, Four Sails, The Devil and Tiger

Firelight (red light), p. 77

The Firelight district caters to clients seeking entertainment of an intimate nature, as well as hardcore and casual gamblers. While Sharn’s other red-light districts, Sharn’s Welcome and Dragoneyes, are dangerous and disreputable places most respectable citizens wouldn’t dream of visiting, Firelight has somehow managed to maintain a reputation as a socially acceptable place to come and have fun, whatever type of fun one might be interested in having. Crime is much better controlled in Firelight than in the other red-light districts, so customers are less likely to become victims. Changelings control most of the bordellos here, as they do in Dragoneyes, but they employ members of almost all races.

Points of Interest: The Burning Ring, Lucky Nines, Savia’s

Forgelight Towers (average residential), p. 78

Forgelight Towers succeeds where Center Bridge fails at being a relatively quiet residential neighborhood amid the roudy chaos of Lower Menthis. A number of older citizens live in Forgelight Towers, long-time homeowners who established their residence here before the ward became quite so seedy. Many o fthem are fond of complaining how far downhill the neighborhood has gone; tothers are more interested in sampling the wares in Downstairs and Torchfire.

Torchfire (theater), p. 78

Torchfire is the most notorious district in Menthis, though its offerings are relatively tame compared to those of Firelight. Its theaters, particularly the Ten Torches, are known for racy musical comedy designed to appeal to rowdy audiences.

Points of Interest: Gailan’s, Ten Torches Theater

Menthis Plateau

Lower Menthis Plateau

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