Middle Menthis Plateau

Cassan Bridge (shops), p. 73

Citizens rush by with their arms full of packages in this shop district. There is a definite foreign element to some of the architecture and the goods for sale, not to mention the people.

Everbright (magic), p. 73

Everbright lanterns keep the towers here well illuminated, and other magical effects are visible everywhere—from soarsleds carrying people through the air to constructs following their masters as they visit different shops.

Little Plains (halfling encampment), p. 74

The towers here appear inside-out: instead of open central spaces surrounded by buildings attached to the outside of a tower, streets run around the outsides of a tower, giving access to low doorways leading to cavelike interiors. Halflings seem to negotiate these outside ledges with ease, and so do the dinosaurs many of them ride. Great winged reptiles soar between towers, many with halfling riders on their backs.

Smoky Towers (theater), p. 74

Theaters, restaurants, and concert halls offer the promise of an evening’s musical entertainment in this district.

Points of Interest: The Atrium, Classic Theater, Mizano Rupa’s, Starfire Dragon, Thovanic Hall

Warden Towers (garrison), p. 75

Some guards of the Watch march to and fro in groups, while others stand at attention, and still others drill for combat. Shouted commands and marching songs fill the air.

Points of Interest: Thuranne d’Velderan’s Investigative Services

Menthis Plateau

Middle Menthis Plateau

Eberron: Goblins Never Tell Braeg