Silver Flame Stalwart Slays Scholar


SHARN – The religious protest at Morgrave University came to a grim end yesterday when cathedral guard Gregor Rothschild murdered the Provost Dannad Mourain. The protesters, who had shown no sign of yielding before their demands were met, finally dispersed in shock when the Menthis Watch announced what had happened. Gregor Rothschild has been taken into Watch custody and is being held in Warden Towers for trial.

Mourain had drawn the ire of the Church of the Silver Flame for his authorship of an academic paper contending that the church is a theological descendant of a Xen’drik serpent cult. Mourain said that an exhaustive retranslation of the Serpentes Fragments reveals an ancient religion that mirrors the modern-day Church of the Silver Flame to “a degree that boggles the imagination.”

High priest Yurik Rendrich, one of last week’s protest speakers, had threatened “One way or another, the Silver Flame will burn away dross like Dannad Mourain.” Despite these harsh words, many ley worshippers are troubled by the Provost’s slaying. “This is not what the church teaches.” one former protester insisted. “Murder is not justice.”

Both the Chuch of the Silver Flame and the authorities of Morgrave University were contacted for comment, but none were received before press time.

Silver Flame Stalwart Slays Scholar

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