Upper Menthis Plateau

Den’iyas (gnome neighborhood), p. 66

The buildings here, from quiet and neat little townhomes to shops and services to all kinds, are scaled for the district’s gnome inhabitants.

Points of Interest: Davandi Fine Tailoring, Khavish Theater

Ivy Towers (average residential), p. 66

Orderly collections of townhouses ring the towers of this quiet district. Children play in the streets and couples stroll arm in arm.

Platinate (wealthy residential), p. 67

The townhomes in this district are large and well-kept, clearly displaying the wealth of their occupants. Servants move about on the business of their employers, and guards can be seen posted at many of the doors.

Seventh Tower (fine shops), p. 67

Stores, restaurants, hotels, and a few townhomes in this prosperous neighborhood appear high-priced and lavish.

Points of Interest: Galdin’s Garden, Little Xen’drik

University District (university), p. 68

Students carrying armloads of scrolls and books hustle to classes, while others sit or stand in circles, discussing the days lessons.

Points of Interest: Art Temple, Golden Horn, Grand Stage, Kavarrah Concert Hall, Haftak’s Books and Bindings, Sharn Opera House, Stargazer Theater

Menthis Plateau

Upper Menthis Plateau

Eberron: Goblins Never Tell Braeg